The COVID Tamasha


The health situation in the country has been reduced to a sad joke while the people and the government are busy shifting the blame onto one another. With more than 2 lakh new covid cases in just one day, the situation has reduced to nothing but a tamasha wherein everyone can only sit and watch the drama unfold.

The surge in covid cases has been anything but sudden. For months experts across the globe have been warning about the second wave, the new strain and the need for preparedness. Unlike last year, the government had plenty of time to not just prepare for this situation but also take steps to prevent it altogether! Lockdown, which has been a measure of last resort today, should have been imposed many weeks back. The democracy has become a joke wherein the government – both at the centre and the states, has willingly compromised the lives of the peoples to hold elections in the names of democracy. There can be nothing more ironic.

The people too have been happily passing the blame on to the government as if they are at no fault. People threw caution to the wind a long time back. Our callous attitudes have caused this to happen and we have collectively forgotten our role in this situation. We made masks into an accessory, something to just match with your clothes and throw on to merely evade fines. While we complained about “being bored of all this” and wondering “when would all this end”, we actively contributed to making covid situation worse day be day. Are we to always depend on being policed and controlled? The current scenario has proven that we as a society are certainly not capable of self – governance.

The sick and the healthcare warriors are struggling together and credit goes to the latter for giving their everything to help us beat this virus. Our simple actions of wearing a mask, staying at home and sanitising regularly will collectively leave a big mark in our fight against this virus. If not now, then when? If not us then who?

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