How Incumbent Industries Are Being Affected By Tech Inventions


The tech market is a fast-growing sector that has changed how companies operate. Emerging technologies are helping organizations not only to increase their productivity but also to transform the world. In fact, today’s services are more personalized to meet customers’ demands.

But changes have consequences. No matter how little a change is, it still has an impact. As new technologies are changing the way companies operate, a massive job disruption has been taking place. Many workers have lost their jobs because their skills are no longer needed.

On the other hand, new vacancies have been created because of disruptive innovation. For that reason, we’re going to take a closer look at how incumbent industries are being affected. As a result, you’ll be able to get ready for today’s demands as well as future requirements.

Online Retail Sector

The online retail sector played a vital role during the coronavirus lockdown. Organizations increased their sales as more customers used websites and other digital channels to buy. Nowadays, companies are implementing technologies like augmented reality to provide better experiences to customers.

With the use of augmented reality, customers can have a preview of a product and see how it fits in a particular space. But, as more users are buying products online, the need for sales representatives is decreasing. 

Many people from the sales industry have lost their jobs because of new technologies. However, to stay relevant, they need to adapt and learn digital marketing skills. Also, mobile apps are playing an important role in the online retail sector.

As days pass, more people use their smartphones to do everything. For example, years ago, buying groceries was time-consuming because customers needed to go to a physical store. But today, buying groceries can be as simple as using an app and paying with your credit card.

In that case, cashiers are losing their jobs because all the payments are made online. So, if you believe that you need to learn new skills to remain competitive, you can enroll in an online coding bootcamp.
Online coding bootcamps provide aspirants with the right knowledge to become remarkable candidates. Also, most coding schools offer flexible programs designed to fit your needs.

Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare industry, AI-powered robots and IoT devices are becoming essential to save lives. For example, AI-powered robots are helping doctors not only to make pre-visit diagnoses but also to implement best practices. 

During surgery, AI-powered robots are allowing doctors to reduce errors and save more lives. At the same time, IoT devices like smartwatches are useful to gather information from patients. Doctors can make more accurate diagnoses and provide better treatments.

But, as the use of IoT devices and AI robots is increasing, more people are losing their jobs. Secretaries are being displaced as their role is being replaced by systems with machine learning algorithms.
Additionally, web developers build websites to make the pre-visit process less time-consuming. Patients can provide specific information that doctors use during the visit process. Patients can also use sites to make appointments or search for specific information.

Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is being affected by the use of mobile apps and smart systems. Consequently, drivers are losing their jobs because of self-driven vehicles. Since trucks are an essential part of the chain supply, they have become indispensable to deliver products. But, with the implementation of machine learning algorithms, truck drivers are also being displaced.

For example, UPS has been using driverless trucks to deliver cargo. As a result, the company has been able to reduce costs and increase its productivity.

Traditional taxi drivers are losing their jobs as users are no longer using conventional cab services. These days, customers prefer to use mobile apps like Uber or Lyft to ask for a taxi. This is because they can see drivers’ feedback and feel safe when taking a taxi.

The application also reduces the waiting time as only the nearest drivers are notified. In other words, you will no longer wait long periods of time when taking a taxi. Furthermore, using a taxi app allows you to pay with your credit card, making the payment process easier.

Manufacturing Sector

Automation has had a significant influence on the manufacturing industry. The use of robots to build products has not only increase companies’ productivity but has also reduced labor risks. Production operators are losing their jobs because more robots are being used in production lines.

Many organizations are creating new vacancies for people with skills in robotics. For example, as employees are working alongside robots, the need for technicians has increased. Smart robots can accomplish production tasks in less time. However, when robots are out of service, technicians come into play.

Also, nowadays, robotics engineers are in demand as more companies are trying to reshape the market. Robotic engineers can design prototypes and processes to build machines. These machines can be used to automate more processes inside a factory. 

Construction Sector

The use of 3D printing has transformed the way the construction sector operates. Organizations can now build complete buildings in less than 48 hours. For example, WinSun is a company that’s using 3D printing to build houses in China.

3D printed houses can cost about $10,000, allowing customers to change their minds from renting to owning. But, as 3D printing is making big strides in the construction industry, construction workers are being fired.

Using 3D printing machines to build houses allows organizations to reduce labor costs as fewer workers are needed. But, several improvements have to be made to replace the traditional construction method completely.  


Generally speaking, new tech inventions are changing not only today’s market but also the future market. In that case, learning tech skills is necessary to be a part of the future workforce. Similarly, learning programming skills will allow you to remain competitive and keep your job these days.

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